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A few thoughts on spending a lifetime designing

This series of blog post (DESIGN as an OCCUPATION) is about my experiences doing design as a profession. It will include some history, some experiences along the way & some things i've learned. The reason i say some, is because only some of it is bearable to write about & read. i hope you find it somewhat interesting.

The past 35 years of my life has been spent drawing & designing. It's my job. i began as a draftsman, drawing on a drawing board in 1984. At that time, i knew nothing about design or technical drawing, but i was very interested in this profession. So i dug deep to learn everything i could. The on the job training was very basic, since what was needed wasn't that intense. But somehow, i had landed in a position to observe & learn & practice. And i was getting paid to do it. Most of what i know today & the abilities that i have are from watching, researching and trial & error.

A year or so into my new career, i discovered drawing in perspective. i bought a book on the subject & taught myself how to draw in 3d on a piece of paper. The book was a cartoon book that cost me $2.95. i was amazed by what i was learning to do. At the time, 1985, i thought that was a big deal. i was hooked on drawing & soon got hooked on designing things. i continued to study other peoples drawings & worked on developing my own style of drawing & hand lettering. It was and is rewarding, but frustrating, when you are learning by trial & error. When you figure something out, it's great. When your struggling to figure something out, it's torture. The same as anything in life. i didn't know anybody who had the passion for & the experience with what i was trying to learn. So i plowed ahead the best i could with the information i could find.

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The BOOK that got me started & hooked on 3d